Blog Post #10

This class has been an incredible breeding ground for new knowledge and skills. As an art history Master’s student, this is a required class that is meant to introduce us to a broader range of ways art data can be analyzed. And by pointing out this was required for my Master’s degree is not a […]

Blog Post #9

Pedagogy can be a tricky subject to tackle just based on the fact that everyone is bound to teach differently. This week’s readings made me stop and think just how easy, however, it could be to cater to student’s with different needs if more effort was put in. Too often are students allowed to fail […]

Blog Post #8

“Hoarding is not preservation” and “Backing up data is not preservation”. Terrance Owens begins his book The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation with a checklist of what is specifically not digital preservation. The two checkpoints above are five and six of what isn’t digital preservation, respectively. These two really stuck out to me because […]

Blog Post #7

Due to my classmates’ enthusiasm for the technical activity this week, I decided to go ahead and do it first. Gephi definitely felt intimidating at the start but I think that is do to the large amounts of text and graphs it is synthesizing. And the sheer amount of people and connections in this list […]

Blog Post #6

Accessibility is an interesting topic to me because we frequently see websites (particularly older sites) made by professionals in certain fields (history, art, science) that are completely inaccessible due to poor coding choices. Oftentimes this is because of bright text on a garish background, dead links, autoplay audio (just why), and other aspects. It just […]

Blog Post #5

I think this week’s readings were great choices because of just how applicable they are in our current times. I read and watched Noble’s work which gave a really good insight into the dynamics of privilege and oppression. I’ve been itching to say this for so long but I can easily see the way race […]

Blog Post #4

I chose to do the optional Text Encoding module this week as my interest was highly peaked by the Digital Storytelling module. I’ll be honest, I was worried about some of the technical activities when I began this class but I have actually found them enjoyable to figure out. Not only that, but useful to […]

Blog Post #3

This weeks module was incredibly fascinating to me as an artist and writer myself. Particularly, the idea of digital storytelling is so interesting because it can be used in many ways. For example, visual novels – the Japanese answer to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure – have become incredibly popular throughout the world. These are games that make use […]

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