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I chose to do the optional Text Encoding module this week as my interest was highly peaked by the Digital Storytelling module. I’ll be honest, I was worried about some of the technical activities when I began this class but I have actually found them enjoyable to figure out. Not only that, but useful to my subject area (Ancient Art History) and even my personal art/writing hobby. I was so excited by Twine that I decided to put the short game I made on my novel’s website and even made a YouTube video for it! (

Onto the subject of HTML, I knew what it was as I have a tiny bit of experience from using it on my Bandcamp page. And so, when I began the technical activity, it didn’t feel too alien. I personally decided to encode one of the Armana Letters (which I will drop into the Slack channel later tonight). I feel like this kind of encoding does make it easier to display the documents I tend to work with as I can have an image of the original artifact and then the English translation handy simultaneously.

I’d also like to point out Kathy and Terence blog posts for being helpful and interesting. I think Terence definitely broke down the who, what, and whys of encoding in an engaging way. And I enjoyed reading Kathy’s experience with tech as she’s a woman in the field. (And I can certainly understand her frustration at not being taken seriously at first. I have had similar instances when I did volunteer work at a resale shop that mainly did tech and appliances.) And the websites she linked were super interesting!

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  1. Emily, seeing the work you’ve put in both your Twine and YouTube video has got me even more motivated to start my own personal narrative project. It looks great all around and thanks for sharing them 😀

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